How it all Started?

I am guessing Kara has wanted to build a greenhouse for a long, long time but the plan to build a solar greenhouse  started by a text from Kara in February 2016. “Do you want a greenhouse at your home?” Why yes I would. So now we are going to build a solar greenhouse at my home in Crested Butte South.

Now you may have been like me and not know exactly what a solar greenhouse is.  It is simply a year round greenhouse that draws most of its heat from South facing windows and as in our case uses the ground to hold heat to be released at night, a climate battery.  Also living in a cold weather climate like Crested Butte, Colorado it means that you insulate the greenhouse anywhere where you are not going to be getting a ton of solar gain from a window; so that means no windows on the north side.  Don’t worry there will be a ton more information about solar greenhouses as we move through the design and building process.

This website is to document our trials, tribulations and successes throughout the entire building project and the set up of the plants and or fish(aquaponics) within the greenhouse.  Hopefully you can learn along with us and figure out a better way to obtain healthy organic food by growing it ourselves.

How to Get Involved?

If you are in the Crested Butte area this summer you can help with the actual building and greenhouse set up.  You will gain a lot of knowledge about how solar greenhouses work and where to start if you plan to build a greenhouse on your property or would like a greenhouse built on your property.  Please contact me at if you would like to be involved in the actual greenhouse process.  I will know more about dates and what phase we will be working on during certain days as the time gets closer.